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Which bike computer/heart monitor do you use?

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Yes, I must really like my Garmin Forerunner 305...

Bite the bullet and get a Garmin 305 (or 405 or 310XT) wrist GPS with all the accessories.

The Garmin 305 is available for around $160, including heart monitor. Other recommended accessories include:
- Bike Speed/Cadence pod ($45)
- Bike mount kit ($15, includes quick-release mount for the bike and wrist)
- Foot Pod ($75, optional)

Here's my routine for each tri:
1. Wear heart monitor strap under tri-suit (and wetsuit - it's waterproof)
2. Start the 305 and place it in Auto Multisport mode (with transitions)
3. Put the 305 under my outer swim cap (I always double-cap, and the unit is water-resistant)
4. When the swim starts, press the Start/Stop button (easy to do by feel)
5. When exiting the water, remove 305 from under cap and shake off any water
6. At swim-in, press the Lap button
7. Click the 305 onto the bike quick-mount, and take the wrist strap with you (if you want)
8. At bike-out, press the Lap button
9. While riding, select the desired screen (they're fully configurable to show any available data you want to see)
10. At bike-in, press the Lap button
11. Unclick the 305 from the bike and click it onto the wrist strap.
12. If you haven't done it already, put on the wrist strap!
13. At run-out, press the Lap button
14. Select desired screen
15. At the Finish line, press the Lap button.
16. Turn off the 305 (the batteries don't last forever).
17. When you get home, download the data from the unit, and check out all the following:
- Your route and speed for EVERY moment of the ENTIRE tri, including the swim!
- Your heart rate at all times (out of the water)
- Your time in each transition
- Your cadence during the bike
- If you have the foot pod, you also get your cadence (foot-fall rate) during the run (as well as stride length)

I have found no other system that does all that!

Yes, it may seem a waste to retire your Polar unit from tri use, but if you have a second bike, use it there. Plus, the Polar heart monitor is useful in the gym, since many machines there can listen to the Polar heart monitor, but not Garmin's (different protocol).


reliantaquarium wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am just getting into triathlon, and I am looking for good heart rate
> monitor and bike computer combo. Currently I use a Polar S625X with
> speed and cadence sensors. This allows me to monitor my heart rate,
> speed, and cadence while on the bike. This setup works fine so long as I
> stay on the bike for the duration of my workout, but as in triathlon
> when I want to run immediately after the bike I have to spend time
> removing the watch from the bike and attach to my wrist.
> I am looking for a solution where I can have a wrist watch that can
> monitor my time and heart rate for the entire duration of the triathlon,
> and a bike computer that when I hop on the bike will also read out my
> heart rate.
> My first thought as to solution to this problem would be to buy another
> cheaper polar heart monitor wrist unit that would allow me to monitor my
> heart rate and overall time for the triathlon. My question is would my
> Polar S625X mounted on my bike display the heart rate signal from the
> chest strap currently linked the watch on my wrist?
> I am sure many of you have already come across this problem and have
> found a solution that works for you. Any advice would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> David

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