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Motobecane Nemesis Tri-bike reviews?

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Re: [TCSD] Motobecane Nemesis Tri-bike reviews?


When buying a bike online, be sure to allow for the following back-end costs:
1. Who will assemble the bike for you?
2. What if parts are missing?
3. Who will do your bike fitting?
4. Who will service the bike?
5. Is there a warranty? If so, who will service it? Will you have to mail you bike somewhere?
6. What if the bike "just isn't right" for you? What is the return policy?

Have you priced all of the above items, and included them in your budget? After adding all of them together, an inexpensive online bike, no matter how good it is, can easily become an expensive bike that has no local support. Or, worse, a bike you hate and don't enjoy riding.

Have you checked the offerings from local shops? Most, sometimes all, of the above items are provided at no extra cost when buying a new bike locally. TCSD has many bike sponsors, each of which offers discounts to club members.

Though I'm certain all local bike shops have similar deals, I recently checked Moment's web site and found some outstanding values under $1000.

If you also need a wetsuit and other triathlon gear, many local shops offer full tri kits that include just about EVERYTHING you need for a triathlon, and the bundled price may be the best deal on the market, including online!

If money really is the issue, consider getting a used bike that has been lovingly cared for, and has been supported by a local shop. You may be able to get a much better bike for far less money.

What concerns me most about buying a bike online isn't really the money or the support: It's not being able to take a test ride. The bike I currently ride is NOT the one I would have picked had I been shopping online or from a catalog. The test rides changed everything for me. You can't assess things like frame stiffness or ride smoothness from a picture.

In this economy, I feel it is especially important to support local businesses. They will reward you for being their customer!


buyerryan wrote:
> I am looking for feedback on the Motobecane brand and the Nemesis
> tri-bike model in specific. I am a newbie and cannot seem to get enough
> reviews online to feel good about the purchase without throwing it out
> there to you guys. It really seems to be a lot of bike for $900
> delivered. The off thing is that the two distributors suggested are
> online bike shops. Please let me know your thoughts. -Ryan

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