Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi, I'm Bob, and I'm a brand new Triathlete! Well, I was.

After nearly a year since I started training, and more than 6 months since my first triathlon, you'd think I'd no longer be a newbie.

Not so. I'm still learning, and sometimes it feels like I'm condemned to be a perma-newbie in this sport.

When I first started, I though it would be easy to find many "lessons learned" articles and posts by prior newbies, but if they're out there, I didn't find them.

So, I started posting my "first ever" experiences to the Yahoo email list of the Triathlon Club of San Diego (TCSD, Unfortunately, I tend to be a bit verbose, and not everyone liked getting books in their email.

You see, TCSD (The BEST club of any kind, ever!) has well over 2000 members, so the email list has lots of traffic, and having a book land in your lap makes it harder to process all the messages.

Hence this blog. The long stuff goes here, and I'll just post a link to the list, so those who are interested can check it out.

First, I'll re-post here my prior "first ever" emails from the list, then I'll get going with the New Stuff.

Please add your comments! So far, I've only written about what I've bumped into along the way to becoming a triathlete. If there are better ways to say what I'm saying, or other things I should add to my list of "First Evers", please let me know by adding a comment!

Since all blog comments are public by default, you can also reply to me privately via email.


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  1. As a tri-newbie will go through your experience!
    Thanks for posting with important details.