Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Day as an APX Rep.

Today was the TCSD Swap-Meet, where club members and TCSD Sponsors try to sell off their extra gear.  The event was held in the huge parking lot behind Pulse (no longer called High Tech Bikes), with only a small sign pointing the way to it:  Everyone there knew about the swap meet, and didn't wander in off the street.

I showed up a bit early because I had offered to hand out some APX single-serving samples, since Jeff himself couldn't be there.

Jeff had sent me 30 packets and 30 APX flyers, which I attached to each other in the hope that fewer of the flyers would land on the ground to become litter.

I arrived just before the official start time of 10 AM to find that shoppers were already present and purchasing.  I started handing out APX to everyone I could.  The 30 samples were gone within 20 minutes!

I tried to keep track of who was already aware of APX, what they knew about it, and what they thought of it.  The rough breakdown was:

40% were unaware of APX.

20% were aware of APX (mainly as a TCSD Sponsor, or saw it on a retail shelf), but hadn't tried it.

15% already loved APX and wanted as many samples as they could get (I limited them to 1 each).

5% had tried it at least once (and may have bought it once), but hadn't tried other flavors.

Of those who had tried APX, none reported any problems with it.  Some remarked they didn't know where to buy it, and I told them to read the flyer and visit the APX site.  I also told them to buy from their local bike shop, and if they don't carry it, to ask them to!

Given that APX is a local company, and this was a TCSD event (though it was open to the public), I was surprised that 40% were unaware of APX.  Especially since everyone there was an athlete of one kind or another.

I have no idea how Jeff could contact that 40%, other than having a larger APX presence at future TCSD swap meets!

All in all, a fun day.

But those initial 20 minutes were very tiring!  Interacting with that many people in such a short period of time, and being sure to share whatever they wanted to know about the product, took lots of focus, attention and energy.  It was a very good thing that the T3 Cafe was open!

You may be wondering why I was handing out APX in the first place, especially since I'm not an APX rep.  Well, my prior blog post on APX gives the reasons I'm an APX fan.  And the fact that APX is a TCSD Sponsor means they help the club. Combine the two, and I felt it was a crime the Jeff wouldn't be at the Swap Meet!  So I offered to fill in as best I could.

I'm a fan of all TCSD Sponsors, but especially those who have made a meaningful and lasting difference in my own participation in, and enjoyment of, triathlon.  APX is near the top of my list.

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